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A Night at "the Woods"

B-flat clarinet, violin, cello, piano


Premiered by Laura Armstrong, Allyson Clark, Nathan Bontrager, and Matthew Jaskot in April of 2008 in College Park, MD

About the Piece

"The Woods" is a reference to Foxwoods Casino in my home state of Connecticut, a place where my friends from college and I would occasionally visit for a night out. There is always an overwhelming sense of energy at this place even for those who are not highrollers (myself included). The night is often filled with highs and lows, the anticipation of the next card or roll of the dice. Swings are inevitable; you may feel on top of the world after a win or devasted after a loss.

Various musical gestures witihin this piece attempt to capture the excitement of this adventure. The anticipatory opening trill opens up a world filled with a nervous energy that exists even within the slower, more contemplative sections. A dizzying array of glissandi relate to the roller coaster of emotions that participants undertake at "the Woods". A final rush of energy is extended at the end of the piece bringing the night to a close. 

A Night at "the Woods" - excerpt
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