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Breathe, in these Moments, Just Let go

alto saxophone, bassoon


Premiered by the Xelana Duo on June 20, 2017 in Hartford, CT

About the Piece

This piece was commissioned by the Xelana Duo as part of the 2017 Connecticut Summerfest


In some ways, it is an elegy, a memorial for two young lives that were lost tragically.  It is also a reflection of my personal struggle with each situation; at times wondering what could have been, at times longing for what was, and at all times, questioning why.


The title references breath, an obvious and important aspect of playing a woodwind instrument.  The performers are challenged with long phrases and continuous passages that require strong breath control.  To all, breathing is both a subconscious and conscious activity, and both states are explored in the piece, as there are musical gestures that can be associated with gasping for breath, shortness of breath, heavy breathing, easy breathing at regular intervals, etc.  This duality is also represented in the way that the instruments are used, at times exploring their similar sonic qualities, and at other times, highlighting their many differences.  Throughout the work, the numbers 5 and 7, representing May and July, provide the rhythmic material on both the structural and detailed level. 


for Brayden (5-17-14) and Jesse (7-2-16)  

Video from the premiere

Post premiere with Ana and Alex

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