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Rejuvenated (Variations on a Youthful Theme)

version 1: B-flat clarinet, violin, piano

version 2: piano

version 3: flute/piccolo, B-flat clarinet/bass clarinet, violin, cello, percussion, piano


version 1 premiered by members of the Great Noise Ensemble on September 9, 2017 in Fairmont, WV

version 2 premiered by Matthew Jaskot on February 28, 2016 in Worcester, MA

About the Piece

Rejuvenated (Variations on a Youthful Theme) (2016) is a theme and variation form based on a simple pentatonic melody.  Typically, in this form, the theme is presented first and is followed by a series of variations.  In this work however, the theme emerges in the middle of the piece and is surrounded by 7 variations, in which a driving pulse is omnipresent and propels the music forward.  The pulse is often grouped irregularly, in five or seven, which is reflective of the perfect fourth (5 half steps) and perfect fifth (7 half steps) based sonorities that are prevalent in the piece.  Each variation is relatively short and linked together to provide a continuous narrative.  In contrast, the theme is presented freely as if time has been stopped.  The structure is as follows:


Variation 1:  With Persistent Pulse 

Variation 2:  Syncopated and Jazzy

Variation 3:  Fleeting, Fading Away

Variation 4:  Dense, Like a Music Box

Theme:         Freely, Reflective

Variation 5:  With Driving Energy

Variation 6:  Bright and Playful

Variation 7:  With Relentless Energy  

Solo Piano Version - excerpt from Variations 2 and 3
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Trio Version - excerpt from Variation 7
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