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alto saxophone, bassoon


Premiered by the Xelana Duo on March 20, 2018 in Worcester, MA

About the Piece

This piece was composed for the Xelana Duo, and completed in January of 2018.


The inspiration for Reinvention is twofold.  First, the piece draws on Bach’s Invention in A minor, BWV 74, originally composed for keyboard, for its source material. Second, it is partially an homage to classically trained jazz pianist Donal Fox, who often times uses a Bach invention as if it was the head of a jazz improvisation, first performing it in its original form before spinning out his own improvisations.  At some moments in this piece, excerpts from Bach’s original emerge almost note for note, altered only by the timbres of the alto saxophone and bassoon.  However, for the majority of the piece, Bach’s material is filtered through various lenses:  minimalist vamps, syncopated repeated notes, jazzy gestures, and funky bass.  At its essence, the piece is propelled by a driving pulse, that contributes to the high energy experience.

Reinvention - excerpt from the beginning
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