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Reflections on an Autumn Sky



Premiered by Naoko Takao in December of 2007 in College Park, MD

About the Piece

Reflections on an Autumn Sky (2007) is an organic work that is propelled by the opening two chords, heard in an short-long rhythm.  This rhythmic motive is heard throughout in various forms, often expanded (i.e. – short-long-long-short or short-long-long-long-long-short, etc.).  Autumn is a season of drastic change, attractive colors, a time of reminiscence of the recently passed summer months, and a foreshadowing of the darkness and winter chill that looms.  In this piece, I try to capture these ideas musically with rapid arpeggios, playful grace notes, frequent shifts in register and dense sonorities.  This work was inspired by a late October 2007 sky observed at Fort McHenry in Baltimore, MD.

Reflections on an Autumn Sky - excerpt
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